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четверг, 4 октября 2012 г.

Talent management by style “Agile”

Отзыв Оксаны Ельняковой на участие в мастер классе Управление талантами в стиле Agile
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Talent management by style “Agile”
Оксана Ельнякова
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Hello, my dear friends! I am happy to be with you again!
I didn’t notice how fast the time has run since we could take part in the esteemed event - master-class of “Talent management by style “Agile”. And I didn’t write anything up till now although we had agreed to share our impressions, emotions and ideas after that meeting. I hope you, Edward and Irina, will understand and forgive me.
So, master-class was begun by Edward with very particular cases. He told us the stories which had happened with employees from two famous banks. The coach asked us what we’d do if we were the top-managers… Those situations were being discussed by us during one and a half hour. The cases made us to look at different styles of management. They showed how management by style “Agile” helps top-managers to find out the best appropriate solution. It won’t do any harm to their reputation because they are able to be sincere with themselves and their employees. It’s a great challenge for the company to initiate and support intranet and social networks.
We never know where it will lead us and how it will influence the company reputation. As I noticed on the meeting the majority of people writing in the blogs are mostly not satisfied with something. But we always hope that all our actions and efforts within the company will have a positive impact on our employees. We can hope for this because even at hard times we stay always open, honest and sincere with them.
After our master-class there have emerged some questions in my mind and one of them is as follows: Can I implement the video-vacancy approach in my not-IT-business? And there are some more issues to think about… It’s great to have such a strong push in generating new thoughts! Thank you for this!
This event really has become very important for me, because I’ve got emotional and energetic inspiration and power. We were able to enrich each other with our thoughts and opinions. But I needed time to arrange and think over my own ideas. I’ll fulfill my targets which I had announced before the audience.
am sure in this because I’ve been working for my company for more than 10 years. And I’m thankful to this company for all my experience, knowledge and challenges.
I’d like to thank all the participants, organizers and the couch, as all together we could create the open, friendly, cooperative atmosphere and reach mutual understanding within the group.
I wish success and luck to all of you and hope to see you again! Let’s stay in touch!

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