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пятница, 1 апреля 2016 г.

Как измеряют корпоративную культуру, ценности, скилсы и подбирают нужных кандидатов в eHarmony

Одна из самых моих интересных тем - сервис eHarmony (см, например Дождались варягов: революция в рекрутинге от eHarmony). Это компания, которая подбирает мужа / жену на основе опросника (там 473 вопроса, если память не изменяет). После заполнения опросника идет анализ полученных данных, подбирается наиболее подходящая пара.
eHarmony также залезла уже на кадровый рынок и стала сводить между собой кандидатов и работодателей (читай по ссылке).
Сегодня я зарегистрировался на сайте компании с тем, чтобы понять, какие вопросы задают респондентам.
Компания дает три блока вопросов (не считая дженерал вопросов про демографию и т.п.):

  1. Скилсы
  2. Корпоративная культура и ценности
  3. Линые качества, установки и т.п.

Далее просто выкладываю вопросы для тех, кому это может быть интересно, кто может это использовать в своей работе (все ответы по семибальной шкале)

Первый блок
What is most important to you when it comes to the workplace? These personal values are key to determining the kind of company with which you are most compatible.

  1. How important are the following aspects of a company when thinking of your ideal job?
  2. Recognizing the contribution of each employee
  3. Not requiring employees to perform tasks outside of their job descriptions
  4. Having a history of winning in the marketplace
  5. Maintaining a high level of employee morale
  6. A company with a strong culture of self-management
  7. A company that really takes care of every customer
  8. Having free snacks and drinks
  9. A company that provides long term job stability
  10. Leadership that really listens to every employee
  11. Promoting cross-departmental collaboration in the workplace
  12. Being financially strong and stable
  13. Offering free meals for employees
  14. A company that rarely changes methods for doing things
  15. A company that has very structured departmental roles
  16. Maintaining a workday that does not spill outside of regular work hours
  17. Supporting a sense of employee independence
  18. A company that feels very unified
  19. Employees generally stay at the company for a long time
  20. Management that trusts employees to figure out the best way to get things done
  21. Having a long history of success
  22. A company that has strong civic involvement
  23. Keeping a strong focus on achievement and goal accomplishment
  24. Creating many opportunities for promotion
  25. Inspiring employee devotion to the company
  26. A company that strives to be cutting edge
  27. A company that considers the needs of consumers its top-priority
  28. A workplace with low employee turnover
  29. Having fun throughout the workday
  30. Having many ways to move up within the company
  31. A company that is known for being socially responsible
  32. Having clearly defined roles for each employee in the company
  33. A company that values employee input
  34. Promoting employees growth potential
  35. Making sure people are not overworked
  36. An organization that emphasizes efficiency
  37. Expectations on employees that rarely change
  38. Providing plenty of room for advancement
  39. Placing a strong emphasis on innovation
  40. A work environment that emphasizes having a good time
  41. Avoiding pressure to work extra hours at the expense of employees personal lives
  42. Creating highly motivated employees
  43. A company that supports one or more social causes
  44. Trusting employees to know what they are doing
  45. Avoiding major changes in day-to-day events
  46. Keeping employees tasks very predictable
  47. Having a work-force that feels like a family
  48. A company that is a very results-oriented workplace
  49. Being known for being very innovative
  50. Having customers that are always satisfied with the work the company does
  51. A company that emphasizes identifying new challenges
  52. Having an in-house health club or discounted health-club memberships
  53. A company that plans special events for employees

Personality Profile
Compatibility with your boss or team-mate's can be just as important as how well a company matches your values. Your honest (and confidential) answers to these questions will help us predict that fit when information is available

  • How well does the following describe you?
  • Insightful
  • In general, I enjoy competition
  • In general, I will go along with the group rather than creating conflict
  • I am a natural born leader
  • I rarely get irritated
  • I think that if you believe in something strongly, you should be willing to fight for it regardless of the consequences
  • I don't like competing against other people
  • When I get into a disagreement, I try to understand the other person
  • I don't enjoy challenging others even when I think they are wrong
  • Sharp
  • Most people would consider me to be a competitive individual
  • I usually wait for others to lead the way
  • I think you should always stand up for what you believe to be right
  • I push myself very hard when trying to achieve something
  • I remain calm under pressure
  • I seldom get mad
  • No matter what I achieve, I'm always looking towards the next achievement
  • I am good at analyzing problems
  • I have very high goals for my future
  • I would rather remain quiet than risk hurting another person's feelings
  • I try to resolve conflicts well
  • I get satisfaction from competing with others
  • I am not easily frustrated
  • I try to avoid arguments
  • Intellectual
  • I am not easily bothered by things
  • I believe you should never compromise on your core beliefs
  • Leader
  • I often set ambitious goals for myself
  • I believe you should never compromise on your principles, even if it means creating conflict
  • Knowledgeable
  • I try to be respectful of all opinions different from my own
  • I will do almost anything to avoid an argument
  • Follower
  • I rarely lose my composure

Company Culture

Now it's time to tell us about where you work so we can generate your Compatibility Scorecard with your current workplace. This is a confidential report, viewable ONLY by you, that provides a comprehensive overview of what your profile says about you and where you fit best (and least) with your current company.

  1. Employees generally feel overworked
  2. People describe the company as innovative
  3. Working at the company is like running a race, with the focus being on winning!
  4. Most workdays are really enjoyable
  5. There are consistently new employees replacing coworkers leaving for other jobs
  6. People in the future will remember this company for being inventive
  7. Work rarely interferes with employees' personal lives
  8. Roles in the company are clearly defined
  9. Management is always very receptive and listens when employees come up with new business ideas for the company
  10. The company plans special events for the employees
  11. Employees are trusted to know what they're doing
  12. The company has a history of being financially strong and stable
  13. Most people are required to work extra hours to meet deadlines
  14. Meeting your goals is really emphasized here
  15. I know exactly how my work day is going to be every day
  16. There is a strong emphasis on innovation
  17. People are really happy to work here
  18. The company pays close attention to the needs of the consumer
  19. The company is organized to where all aspects of the business are efficiently managed
  20. Almost everyone who works here thinks this is a great place to work
  21. People generally feel secure in their positions at the company
  22. Business ideas frequently come from customer input
  23. There are a lot of social activities at work
  24. Employees do not perform any duties outside of their defined roles
  25. The opinion of the consumer/client is the number one priority
  26. The main goal of the company is helping the customer
  27. My company supports many social causes
  28. What is expected of me at work changes day-to-day
  29. The company deserves a key to the city with all the local contributions it makes
  30. My day-to-day tasks vary drastically every day
  31. Morale is very high
  32. The work environment is very professional and unified
  33. My company has a long history of success
  34. The company makes the 'latest and greatest' new products
  35. My company is known for beating the competition
  36. Employees in the company work well together
  37. Employees are encouraged to take an active role in important decisions within the company
  38. There is a history of promotion from within at this company
  39. Getting your work done is the most important factor
  40. If the company was a reality show, there would be people constantly being 'voted off' the show
  41. No one ever gets promoted beyond a certain level
  42. It can be difficult to be promoted here
  43. In general, people seem excited to come to work here every day
  44. People are encouraged to de-stress by playing games or just hanging out
  45. My workdays consist of only doing what I'm told to do
  46. The company could win a humanitarian award with all the charitable contributions it makes
  47. People generally have a hard time getting time-off from work
  48. There is a lot of freedom to do my work the way I want to do it
  49. There is a lot of inter-department work being done
  50. My workday tasks are like a box of chocolates: You never know what you're going to get 'til you bite into it!
  51. The company is very results-oriented
  52. Employees look past personal differences to get the job done
  53. Ideas for new business directions come from everyone in the company, not just the management
  54. Everybody in the company knows that they can earn a promotion if they work hard enough
  55. There is a genuine effort to make employees comfortable
  56. There are a lot of everyday perks at work
  57. Most employees have been with the company for the long-haul
  58. Being socially conscious is one of the things my company is known for
  59. Leadership generally trusts employees to figure out the best way to get things done
  60. The work we do is fun
  61. The events of each day at work are very predictable
  62. Many of my coworkers have been promoted

Job Satisfaction

This is it! These final nine questions are the last thing we need for your confidential Compatibility Scorecard.

  1. How often do you wish you could quit your current job?
  2. Proud
  3. Trapped
  4. Excited
  5. I dread having to go to work at my current job
  6. How often do you wish you could work someplace else?
  7. Passionate
  8. Bored
  9. How happy are you at your current job?

И в конце такая надпись
That's Everything
Now that we've learned more about you, we can't wait to start showing you compatible job listings. As an added bonus, we've generated your confidential Compatibility Scorecard that tells you where you fit best, and least, with your current company.

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